wtorek, 19 sierpnia 2014

Wooden model

It is old rendering but I think it still looks quite well. Model prepared in ArchiCAD is rendered with "Override material/Opaque only" option. Scene is also rescaled for better DOF effect.

piątek, 15 sierpnia 2014


Armchair from Kler furniture company in ArchiCAD 18 scene rendered with new 
powerful rendering from Cinema 4D.

Need ArchiCAD model? It's here - https://bimcomponents.com/GSM/Details/19412
or search "Kler" or "Kler_w120" from ArchiCAD Object Settings Window


poniedziałek, 11 sierpnia 2014

Rather unusual ArchiCAD model I think — model is made in ArchiCAD 16-18 versions (with little help of Cigraph ArchiForma and Cadimage Coverings), rendering is from ArchiCAD 18 Cinerender with postproduction.

czwartek, 7 sierpnia 2014

ArchiCAD 17 model and rendering via Maxwell Render 3. 
Object "Tie Fighter" from Star Wars is available for ArchiCAD on www.Bimcomponents.com portal:

ArchiCAD 18 Cinerender :